The Academy trains talent and ensures excellence. The Academy trains talent and ensures excellence.

The Meridian Adventure Academy is focused on delivering a complete maritime education, with comprehensive theoretical and practical training, to the highest standard.

Each year only a few candidates are selected for the honour of joining the Academy. The detailed 18-month programme has been created and remains steered by founder, Sean Galleymore, whose revolutionary and multi-disciplined Cadet Training Program ensures that those entering and completing the Cadetship end up as qualified skippers, with a lifetime career ahead of them. The best candidates will be offered a contract with the Meridian Adventure Fleet, to operate our yachts in up to 9 different regions around the world. These candidates are mentored and developed into industry leaders, as the company progresses them along a career path that sees their formal education peak at Master Unlimited.

More than a sailing school, the Academy ensures Cadets learn: the importance of excellence in their tasks; to take pride in their work; and, to respect the chain of command. The Academy provides those who enlist, with the leadership skills and principles that will guide them through life, with a deep respect for the ocean. Succeeding here, means that you have excelled at one of the toughest and most revered maritime academies in the world.


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