Enrich your soul in the idyllic heart of the Coral Triangle. Enrich your soul in the idyllic heart of the Coral Triangle.

Meridian Adventure DIVE is dedicated to delivering the most exceptional dive experiences, in the world’s most spectacular dive location, the idyllic Raja Ampat Regency of Indonesia.

Situated at the crossroads of the Indian and Pacific Oceans and in the heart of the Coral Triangle, Raja Ampat is most famous for its pristine coral reefs containing the greatest biodiversity for its size in the world. Every day and every dive promises a new underwater experience filled with life that you’ve not seen before.

At Meridian Adventure DIVE we focus on the three important components of dive holidays. Accommodation options to suit all budgets and preferences. High-tech, ultra-reliable equipment and transport to and from dive sites. The perfect site every time in consideration to tidal streams and environmental conditions and with over 288 dive sites we are not short on options.

While the reef diving is second to none, the scenery above the waterline is simply breathtaking. You will truly appreciate that you are in paradise when you take in your surroundings while on a surface interval, take an exhilarating ride to and from the sites, or participate in one of many shore-based activities on offer.

Meridian Adventure DIVE takes great pride in providing the absolutely highest quality in all we do. This high quality is easily seen in our dive equipment, our state-of-the-art purpose-built dive boats, our friendly staff and of course in our training programs. So, whether you are an experienced diver ticking off a bucket list dive or a novice participating in a PADI scuba program Meridian Adventure DIVE is for you.

Meridian Adventure DIVE creates the perfect packages to ensure that your holiday is the ultimate experience and one that is truly unforgettable. Guests can select a variety of accommodation options to meet their budget, while bringing sustainable tourism to the area.

At the entry level, guests can choose the cultural experience by selecting an affordable Homestay and in turn directly support the local community. Alternatively, if you are looking for a modern simple boutique hotel, Meridian Adventure has created an eco-conscious Marina Club & Resort in Waisai. Soon we will also offer luxury tented accommodation that will leave almost zero carbon footprint.

We work with Global Partners, Dive Clubs and Tour Operators world-wide to give divers a turnkey adventure solution to explore one of the best dive sites in the world.


We provide access to an industry-leading turnkey solution for Dive Clubs and Tour Operators to bring their guests to the most idyllic and unspoilt dive destination in the world.


Our high-powered, low emission, custom boats provide an exhilarating ride to over 288 dive sites, where the underwater scenery is just as breath-taking as the journey there.

Our customised dive boats revolutionise the functionality and comfort of dive boat operations, changing the way you will want to dive forever. The space, comfort and long range capabilities make this ideal for multi-purpose use.

A 10.6m Rigid-Inflatable Boat (RIB), with a beam of 3.25m, it is comprised of a fiberglass hull, with under deck fuel system and military grade Hypalon pontoons. The placement of the helm station forward in the vessel, allows the driver an unobstructed view for navigation, as well ease of access to the bow for mooring and anchoring purposes without disturbing the passengers.

The fixed fore and aft aluminium roll bars feature sturdy fold-up swim ladders and a removable Sunbrella bimini provides shade that extends just outside the beam of the vessel for maximum sun protection. Removal of the bimini shade allows for the option of exchanging saddle seats with the dive cylinder racks, or removing both for cargo carrying purposes.

These unique boats are custom made for our adventures, however, Meridian Adventures offers these for purchase for avid divers and operators. Contact us for more information.