Explore far horizons and cruise distant waters in comfort. Explore far horizons and cruise distant waters in comfort.

Meridian Adventure EXTREME is for those seeking to join a community of adventurous people who share a passion for exploration, while seeking to amplify goodwill across oceans to the places they travel.

Invest in a rare and unparalleled opportunity that promises to thrill and humble you simultaneously. Cruise coastlines that few get to see. Embark on transoceanic voyages and visit distant lands that will expand your cultural ideology. Travel in a way few get to experience, with purpose-built, low carbon-footprint, adventure sailing superyachts that deliver world class standards of comfort, safety, service and style.

Introducing Meridian Adventure EXTREME UNLIMITED SAIL.


A world-class sailing vessel, purpose-built for oceanic passages.

The ice class hull is designed with slender lines, a round underwater body and relative low displacement to achieve excellent sailing performance. An extended waterline and a deep fin keel enables a low ballast position which provides perfect stability, enhancing the comfort and safety on board. The expertly designed keel also provides shelter for the propeller, which is further protected by a small skeg, to mitigate the risk of damage to the propeller when navigating through ice. The skeg protected rudder makes for a rugged and robust vessel. Several completely separate watertight compartments dividing the hull ensures absolute safety in all conditions.

The deck provides ample clear space for guests to take in the majestic landscapes and enjoy exhilarating activities organised on board. The deckhouse is designed with a comfortable cockpit and all-around windows to allow unimpeded viewing of the passing scenery in any weather condition. While below deck, the custom fitted cabins provide luxury accommodation.

The 3-mast sail plan was purposefully chosen for its redundancy and manageability. The individual sails are relatively small and can be operated with minimal technical assistance creating an immensely reliable experience. With the possibility of several sail sets, guests can enjoy or even participate in operating the vessel. Light-air sails can be set between the masts for the sail-enthusiasts to increase the thrill of a small squadron competition.

Designed and built in cooperation with ICON Yacht Manufacturers and Dykstra Naval Architects.

We have focused on creating a world-class adventure sailing vessel that is purpose-built and equipped to handle vast ocean passages. The EXTREME UNLIMITED SAIL yachts are backed by agile support vessels and expedition equipment.

Like-minded investors are given the opportunity to join an elite group that will enjoy the adventure and hassle-free ownership of this expedition fleet, while ensured that they benefit from a fully managed solution.


Raise the sails, turn off the engines and cruise the world’s less travelled ocean passages. Through polar regions and rarely visited archipelagos you will witness first-hand the overwhelming beauty and power of nature, while your mind has time dream up ways to give back.


Meridian Adventure Explore in development.

Now that you have seen what is possible with Meridian Adventure EXTREME UNLIMITED SAIL, let us introduce you to our latest project Meridian Adventure EXTREME UNLIMITED EXPLORE, a 70m multi-decked vessel with unlimited global exploration capability. With the commitment of very experienced naval architects, we are working on a new way to build unique, efficient exploration vessels, that incorporate state-of-the-art engineering with the elegant, sleek lines of a megayacht.

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