For discerning travellers who enjoy the sea as an escape. For discerning travellers who enjoy the sea as an escape.

Embark on an epic journey, immerse yourself in nature, experience different cultures, and uplift your soul, in the most beautiful places on earth. A flotilla of luxury sailing yachts will take you and your most valued friends, colleagues and families, on experiences that will leave you with unforgettable memories and a thirst for more.

A private club for leaders of industry, Family Offices and Fortune 500 benefit organisations, membership is highly sought-after and by invitation only. Meridian Adventure Sail facilitates rare and extraordinary experiences through tailor-made, bespoke journeys in the world’s most spectacular locations.

The overwhelming beauty of the little explored and untouched parts of the world that we navigate, will leave you speechless. It is in these places that we facilitate rare and extraordinary experiences that are simply life-changing. “For those discerning travellers who love the sea as an escape, Meridian Adventure SAIL offers a paradigm shift in experiential luxury sailing for our exclusive network of Private Explorers Club members who are passionate about seeing and exploring the last frontiers of the ocean.

We are not a charter company or a tour operator; we create meaningful journeys where one is immersed in nature and one learns to appreciate and respect our human role as custodian of the oceans.” – Sean Galleymore

We facilitate rare and extraordinary experiences for Private Club Members that are life-changing. Trust in an exceptional crew with unrivalled expertise to create an adventure for Family Offices and Fortune 500 organisations.


As one of the world’s most exclusive Private Explorers Clubs, membership is by invitation only for like-minded, passionate, influential leaders, industry captains and innovators.

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